Ferro Silicon

Ferro Silicon offered comprises alloy of iron and silicon having average silicon content between 15 and 90 weight percent and contains high proportion of iron silicides. It is produced through reduction of silica/sand with coke in presence of millscale, scrap iron and with silicon content of about 15%, it finds usage in blast furnaces that are lined with acid fire bricks.


  • Ferrosilicons having higher silicon content find suitability in electric arc furnaces

  • Usual formulations these are made available in include with 15%, 45%, 75%, and 90% silicon

  • Ferrosilicon finds usage as source of silicon for reducing metals from their oxides

  • Also finds usage for deoxidizing steel as well as other ferrous alloys

  • Supports prevention of loss of carbon from molten steel

  • Used for manufacturing of silicon, high-temperature resistant & corrosion-resistant ferrous silicon alloys as well as silicon steel for use in transformer and electromotor cores

  • In manufacturing cast iron, ferrosilicon finds usage for inoculation of iron to accelerate graphitization

  • It is also used in arc welding and in some electrode coatings


Product Specification Size
Ferro Silicon

Si: 70-75%

Al: 1.25% max

P: 0.5%max

S: 0.05%max

C: 0.2% max

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